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Help us continue to educate the community about mental health issues

Although more and more people are becoming aware of the seriousness of mental health issues, not everyone knows how to recognize or respond to someone who is struggling. DeFeet exists to fill in the gaps, offering free education programs and hosting events to raise awareness of addiction, depression and other mental health issues. However, we can't do these things without financial support.

Donating to DeFeet is a good way to...

Support a philanthropic organization in your community
Honor a loved one who committed suicide
Take advantage of federal tax breaks

DeFeet is a 501(c)(3) organization. Every dollar we receive stays within the community.

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Want to get involved?

DeFeet is a fast-growing organization that could use some more volunteers, media coverage and supporters. For networking or volunteer opportunities, or questions about how to contribute, contact us now at 660-851-4140.